Killed In Action

Richard Linde was born on December 20, 1940 to Elmer Linde and Geraldine Pittillo. Richard had three siblings Pearl, Barbara, and Gary. The family lived in Miamitown, Ohio. Richard attended Miamitown High School until 1956 and then worked as an auto mechanic and truck driver until joining the military in January of 1966. A member of his family reached out to learn more about his life, and with their permission, this is what I was able to find.

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Thrown From a Buggy

On September 26, 1879 Mrs. Olive B- and Mrs. Mollie W- were driving down Findlay Street when their horse’s harness broke. The break spooked the horse, which took off running. If you’re unfamiliar, harnesses are fairly instrumental in convincing giant animals to do what you want.

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Family History Research

Family history research, genealogy, ancestry, it’s all just the study of past relatives. It takes on a different form depending on who does the research and what the purpose is. For many Americans, genealogical research is about finding where our families came from. For others the request can be more specific. Maybe a relative died at war, ran a successful business, or was rumored to be a criminal and you just want to know more about them. All of those are good reasons to dive into historical documents.

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